Bigger sack, bigger cabbage!

This magnificent felt cabbage has been kindly loaned to me by Sue Haigh to display with this hessian sack. The sack is printed with images of women vegetable gardening during WW1 and a soldier sitting on a sand bag in a trench eating his iron rations. Iron rations were so called because they came in tins. Typically they consisted of a nourishing but unappetising beef and turnip stew. Often eaten cold.
Meanwhile women on the home front were taking jobs left by men when they joined up. Some of these were agricultural and horticultural. At Kew and at Windsor castle the majority of the gardeners were women.

The sack and the cabbage are to be exhibited in The Morley Gallery from 20th March – 3rd April in Textiles MADE at Morley  and in June they are hoping to make an appearence at a show in The Garden Museum.

The Morley Gallery is at 61 Lambeth Bridge Road, London SE1 7HT

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