Gardening on the home front in World War One

This a design I am working on for an exhibition about gardening in WW1 which is being held at the Garden Museum in Lambeth.

First the half drop repeat has to be calculated using photocopies of the design.


Then the photscreen is put in possition.


The first prnt.
Then the first repeats.
Begining to look like something.This version is on hessian.

This hessian fabric is going to be made into a vegetable sack. I hope to display it with a life sized felt cabbage poking out of the top!

The design is inspired by Toile de Jouay fabric. Typically this kind of design is   found on fabrics used for the interior decoration of houses. It usually displays charming rustic scenes in a Rococo manner. I thought it would be piquant to have this style of print put onto a coarse hessian cloth of the type used for sacks. So that the utilitarian collided with the romanticised idea of rural activities.

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